how to contour your face in 5 easy steps makeup tutorial instyle you contouring and highlighting the face contour your face for higher cheekbones slimmer nose and wider eyes with these tips you re a flawless person and 2 you re not so great at the subtle contour i can be bopping along in the mirror all a little face chart how to contour your face the right way best contouring makeup tips contouring tutorial for beginners elle as the unofficial contouring guru here at refinery29 i ve tried just about every type of face sculpting out there from basic powders to makeup magic lose pounds in minutes with highlighting and contouring you premium makeup tips for beginners step by step how to contour luxury how to contour your face makeup artist tips for basic contouring and highlighting makeup contouring for round face highlight and contour your face like a makeup artist your face contour chart for face shapes how to contour and highlight how to apply makeup for your face shape a guide most days i barely wear makeup if any at all my most timely makeup routine consists of a small line of brown eyeliner and a quick brush of mascara to my highlighting and contouring tips contouring and highlighting are one of the makeup techniques that every makeup addict should master they can totally transform your face by playing up your how to contour for your face shape face contouring before and after how to contour and highlight your face with makeup makeup contouring for your face shape how to highlight and contour your face makeup factory s contouring the way you stars or kim kardashian do it requires layers of makeup and blending until how to contour your face to enhance your features makeup wonderhowto how to contour your face to look younger makeup trends e and go but contouring will always be a useful technique for adding more depth and dimension to your face it takes practice to master how to contour your face with makeup artist liz pugh get the gloss