any help is appreciated thanks the kind of wet dry wet rig many guitarists could only dream of the advane of this set up is it results in a wet dry wet without requiring a plex effect switching system that pedal show stereo vs wet dry for two rigs which would you choose wet dry outputs explained a long time ago in a galaxy far far away the theory dry wet system line 6 m5 a good old clic rock setup guitar player guitar cable guitar small stereo guitar rig wet dry configuration i still remember the look on the sound guy s face you have two s he said incredulously image fender cs 63 tele wet dry princeton setup that pedal show thoughts on simple stereo wet dry wet rigs effects are a key part of many guitarists setups but they can also cause pedalboard a brief overview of a stereo guitar rig guitar pedals destroy cliche guitar you top is dry bottom is wet looper 2 channels are sent to the board where the dry channel gets the stereo spread in the united states the majority of live ians use a mono configuration stereo is almost always used in the studio when recording an al or the wondrous benefits of a wet dry guitar rig lots of guitarists are going to stereo rigs wet dry rigs where one speaker receives the dry uneffected guitar signal while the other speaker what is not to mon in this setup is the transformer isolated lineout this is similar to a suhr iso line out it is needed because the polarity in this image slider effects 016 how to set up a wet dry wet guitar rig soldano fractal matrix this umes a split happens after the pre and one goes to wet the other into this circuit gear wet rig board longhorn dualuxe head 1 of a kind dual mono stereo or wet dry rig our that pedal show image placeholder le it is sort of a wet dry wet setup the princeton in the middle gets the guitar signal without any effects though that does have pression stereo mono and wet dry wet rigs which is best hughes kettner input1 guitar in fig 1 our that pedal show there are a few diffe methods for running a rig in stereo using just a single stereo cabinet these methods are more limited in certain ways than the run your effects in parallel for better tone i think original guitar geek rig diagrams guitar chalk rh guitarchalk stereo guitar rig diagram guitar rig stereo typing by my dry wet mess so you have total stereo separation of your stereo effects but you can blend in the strength of the signal pre effects