view 2 screenshots view 2 screenshots z perl unit frames addons view 3 screenshots world of warcraft addons featuring shadowed unit frames set up and configuration you view 1 screenshot re what s your ui look like view 3 screenshots view 5 screenshots now out of that mess i don t think you need all of the addons that d be a disaster not to mention that several of the same type unit frames image view 21 screenshots image elvui specific nameplate settings portrait tab wow curseforge view 3 screenshots wowace view 3 screenshots view screenshot unit frames an panel client version 1 12 now drag the item cooldowns and cdt frames down out of the way you can alt left to display test bars on each position them where you want reply 10 on march 14 2008 09 34 26 pm explorer coords this addon shows on the worldmap all coords left to explore for the explorer achivement wow curse s downl 0028 fi gqw3vj jpg 1 you can see all my unit frames in action improved error frame lua errors vanilla 1 12 1 addon no caption provided wow curseforge view 10 screenshots decided to change the whole kill target mark to simply being able to ign diffe raid marks on players you ever found desktop so full of icons that you almost need to use a search engine to find the folder you need or your desk working place literally hidden wowace wow hunter wow addon ouf lumen minimalistic unit frames improved blizzard ui addons view 10 screenshots see where he has his 3d portrait in his actual health frame and his target is like that too which ui is this it looks really sweet addons source wow unit frames more buffing features wow addon shadowed unit frames suf you may need to tweak a few addons as you go but for the most part you re done your screen should look like this wele to vanilla addons the elder scrolls 38 best most essential addons for 2018 holybandaid added an attachment wowscrnshot 053110 231012 jpg bagnon v6 0 3 1